Photo by Claire Newman-Williams

Hi there, I grew up in Handswoth, Birmingham UK. I did my schooling in Birmingham, and as teenager my real passion was football(soccer), and wanted to be a footballer player...but being very small, back in the day and skinny, I didn't make it although I had trails with several football clubs.

I'm not the one to one to do the typical job or follow tradition and being the black sheep of the family, and upsetting a lot of people in the process, by not following a career in medicine, law or own a shop...I followed my passion - a career in arts...

The curiosity of being a performer for me began, when I  was doing a mechanical engineering program, and saw an amateur dramatic group performing, I  knew that's was what I wanted to do.... so having done my "apprentice" in amateur drama for 5 years, I felt it was time move to London, and fulfilled my dream of going to drama school, this took me a further 5 years and  3 different drama schools, and going to Moscow to study at GITIS - Moscow Arts Theater, along the way.

Fast moving forward, I moved to LA in 2010 to do more film and TV work...Along with my love for the arts, football has always been another one of my passions, and follow Leeds Utd, avidly.